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The Drill sharpener is a great investment(钻头刃磨机是非常棒的投资)

Matthew Albright, Martinsburg WV

It is one of best work equipment investments I have made.(这是我最好的设备投资之一)

Thomas Maguire

Works great on Guhring HSS drills.HSS钴领钻修磨的非常棒)

Ryan Machacek 

Great machine, easy to use and delivers a quality sharpening every time.(非常棒的刃磨机,使用方便,每一次修磨的刀具都合格)

Kenneth R. Rice

We use it daily and wonder how we did without it.(我们每天都使用DAREX磨刀机,我们担心没有了它我们会怎样?)

Eric Maslak

Very Pleased with the performance and ease of use.(对其性能和使用非常满意)

Kevin Woods

I will always have a good word for your company and encourage friends and family to buy your products. (我们时常对DAREX的产品进行赞扬,并鼓励我们的朋友和家人去购买你们的产品)


...I am here to praise your Company...I wish I could hug or shake all of you for honoring our country. 我在此赞扬你们的公司,我希望我能拥抱或相拥国家因你而来的荣耀!


I am 67 years old and you have made the first drill bit sharpener that works!(我已经67岁了,是你们的产品帮我修磨出了第一支合格的钻头)

F. Miller

Thanks again to you and your crew at Darex for helping me. It's great to know there are a few companies here in America that still consider customer service a top priority.


Mark Harris

...sincere thanks for the wonderful customer service provided...attention to detail and considerable patience in answering my questions and promptly following up are quite rare in today's business environment.真诚感谢你们提供的优质的客户服务。注重细节,耐心回答我们的问题,并及时跟进。这在当时的商业环境中是罕见的!

B. Sack

Yours has to be among the very best, most responsive customer service I’ve ever received. 你已经跻身我曾经收到的最好,最及时的客户服务。

S. Aicklen

You guys went above and beyond service and sales. Your products are great, I have talked about and recommended your products to everyone that I know that uses tools.


G. Frank

I received my 10yr old sharpener back from repair … I couldn't be happier. The (repair)time was excellent, the price was beyond my expectations.



I have not found many companies that have great customer service as your company does. I look forward to doing business with you.


D. Desmond

Thank you for the best customer service I have ever received in my 69 years.



It has truly been a joy dealing with you and Darex. 与你和DAREX打交道真的欣喜之至!

David Kuras

I must say THANKS for the great technical service I received from your young lady in Tech support; she solved my problem and my machine is sharpening tools as well as the day I bought it. That is some company you have-good product, excellent technical service and a great employee attitude.